Presentation + Writing

Hi. I scarcity a PowerPoint introduction + written page about the following: Topic: Identifying Potential Problems. ** Part (1) Introduction Part "Must be PowerPoint slides" - Describe at smallest 5 problems or challenges that you may face suitableness agoing in a clump. Provide at smallest 2 strategies for victory for each of the problems or challenges you forcible. ** Part (2) Writing Part "1 - 1.5 Page is sufficient about the following" 1) Brief epitome of the ward victory effect.  2) Brief epitome of victory strategies and solutions that conciliate succor the ward; in specification to strategies that conciliate conquer the ward’s hindrance to aid. 3) Brief epitome of what you feel erudite throughout this trial and how it relates to your choice garden trial.   4) Brief epitome of how you conciliate facilitate an attractive class argument. (Include specific examples of argument questions that conciliate be posed to the class.) 5) Works cited register for the references used for the device (websites etc).