Please accord to the posts adown in 6-7 sentences each  Prostate Cancer The prostate is a feeble walnut shaped gland in the pelvis of men. It is located proximate to the bladder and can be examined by getting a digital rectal exam. Prostate cancer is the second-leading motive of cancer deaths for men in the U.S. I would economize the CDC’s approveations and guidelines for cupeling men. The CDC (2019) states that men who are 55 to 69 years old should fabricate single determinations environing nature screened for prostate cancer succeeding a while a prostate inequitable antigen (PSA) cupel. This determination should be made succeeding argueing boons and harms of screening for prostate cancer. Men who are 70 years and older should not be screened for prostate cancer methodly. These approveations adduce to men who are at mediocre promote for prostate cancer, are at an increased promote for prostate cancer, do not possess symptoms of prostate cancer, and those who possess never been diagnosed succeeding a while prostate cancer (CDC, 2019). I would publish my unrepining who is a salubrious 55 year old that it is not compulsory to be screened methodly for prostate cancer as he is in differently salubrious qualification and reflected low promote, but if he would love to be screened methodly, he is now in the age that the CDC approves to be cupeled if at promote, and argue the promotes and harms of the cupel. I would yield my unrepining to fabricate his own determination forthcoming order on the cupeling if he would love to be screened for this cupel. If the unrepining had a nobility truth of prostate cancer, I would reflect this single at violent promote for prostate cancer and I would approve method screenings for this that unrepining at annual materials. If the unrepining were an African American manly, I would reflect them at mediocre promote for prostate cancer and approve method screenings. Depending on his other demographics such as age and nobility truth, he may be reflected violent promote, which would be attached through prefer tribute. “African American men are at an increased promote for discloseing cancer aggravate stainless men and other men or complexion. One in six African American men allure disclose prostate cancer in his lifetime” (Zero Cancer, 2020). If the unrepining were a 76-year-old, I would tranquil approve them to not be screened methodly, forthcoming the CDC guidelines. “However, numerous heartiness authorities counsellor the respite of method prostate cancer cupeling in men older than 75 bemotive of the concession that most unrepinings allure possess a clinically secondary cancer and allure not boon from therapy. The penny operation of clinically symbolical prostate cancer in senile men is not known” (Mistry & et al., 2009). 6-7 sentences   2 Scholarly Refrences APA format  Testicular Cancer   Cancer which originates in the cupelicles is determined cupelicular cancer. According the American Cancer Society (2017) promote certaintyors for cupelicular cancer grasp undescended cupelicle, nobility truth of cupelicular cancer such as having a match or senior succeeding a while cupelicular cancer though it should be distinguished that in most cases there is no nobility truth , HIV contagion, carcinoma in situ of the cupelicle, antecedent truth of cupelicular cancer, true race/ethnicity succeeding a while environing 50% occurring betwixt age 20 to 34, and rates violenter in Caucasian manlys, and mass bulk succeeding a while some studies suggesting that elevated men may be at a violenter promote.  There are no rule or method cupels that are approveed for coming defiance of cupelicular cancer. As most repeatedly cupelicular cancer is establish by hazard or by headstrong exam or during method material test (National Cancer Institute, 2019), and abandoned the certainty the incidents are fairly low and outcomes are indulgent flush in past deceased stages, the US Preventive Service Task Force (2011) does not approve method screening for cupelicular cancer in asymptomatic manlys.  As screening is not approveed for cupelicular cancer in asymptomatic singles I would divide this notice succeeding a while him and acceptance prefer questions if he tranquil needs past notice. 2 Scholarly references  APA Format 6-7 sentences