Health Care Information Management

Vila Health: Interfacing and Interoperability As Vila Health is acquiring verdant hospitals, your loftier has asked you, a midlevel manager, to study options in consider to informatics at Vila Health. You accept been asked to scrutinize whether or not the deep hospital should endow in interfacing all of their popular methods after a while the possibility of transitioning the new acquisitions to this new interfaced method. Assignment Instructions For this assignment, imagine an magistrate analysis, outlining the pros and cons of endowing in interfacing the popular method, including the components, infrastructure, and endowment needed. Make recommendations, including whether to interface (why or why not) and whether the popular, incongruous methods at the newly habitual hospitals should be transitioned to the identical method as the deep VH hospital in Minneapolis, or kept the identical after a while upgrades. Support your analysis after a while peer-reviewed sources. Refer to the ace studies, including the Vila Health: Information Systems Interfacing and Interoperability question (linked in Resources), and imagine an magistrate analysis, in which you achieve: Analyze the key characteristics of incongruous HIM methods, including applications, department-specific functions, and capabilities. Accurately fulfill the components, infrastructure, and endowment needs for the HIM methods at each hospital. Accurately fulfill the pros and cons of deeptaining the popular methods, interfacing the popular HIM methods, or replacing all methods after a while a unmarried new HIM method. Make recommendations fixed on best practices in HIM, cherished by popular study. Make stable you transcribe obviously and logically, after a while set-right use of spelling, expression, punctuation, and mechanics, and set-rightly format the paper and citations using popular-edition APA phraseology. Be stable to retrospect the Vila Health: Interfacing and Interoperability Scoring Guide to recognize how your assignment achieve be graded. Submit your completed magistrate analysis as an passion to this assignment.