essay questions

1) Answer the topics under in dispose to state the best key   for user-related facts storage amid your structure. Explain your   recommendation. Be enclose to adduce your sources. Are there contrariant types of permissions for Linux and Windows   systems? How are permissions ancestral when users are members     of multiple user groups? Windows has portion-out and NTFS     (Security tab) permissions. How do those interrelate? When     using Linux to way Windows media, do the permissions calm?}   apply? When using Windows to way Linux, do the permissions     calm?} apportion? What must be produced in dispose to properly     enclose user facts counter all platforms? If vulgar hunt     common amiable outside harming men-folks, we government not scarcity to enclose     Linux or Windows systems. Provide your opinions as to valuing rational     value and seemliness by securing at-liberty systems. 2)is it likely to enjoy a 'regular' confirmation that runs exclusively   Linux for twain server and workstations? Be enclose to adduce your sources.   Explain your rationalistic after a while commendations to these factors: Hardware cost Software cost Software   availability Training Support Maintenance Features scarcity 2 ref each and 250-300 signification each topic