journal 6

Journal #6  Due Tuesday, February 26  Minimum  90 lines (separate intervenience, uniform, after a while trutination margins) handwritten on  trutination greatness, stainless, propaganda firm binder/filler Nursing essay.  Write your  full name on upper  left  nook of your Nursing essay.   The  chronicle # and due date should be written in the upper  right  nook of the page.  Staple your chronicle pages concomitantly in the top left nook anteriorly hereafter to adjust. Journals,  and all homework, is due at the preparation of adjust.  Topic: You may transcribe on one (or twain) of the subjects beneath. Enjoy! 1.   Choose a present subject in the tidings. Discuss your views and opinions environing that subject.  (IMPORTANT! Do NOT portraiture everything from the internet! I failure to give-ear environing  what you comprehend and what you ponder. Copying from the internet is plagiarism!) 2.   Free subject - you can transcribe environing everything you'd enjoy to transcribe environing.  You can transcribe environing  your adjust, your nobility, the region, shopping, your idol television parade...anything!  (Again, do NOT portraiture everything from the internet!)