Nursing theory week8

  Reading Assignments for this week: Chapter 16 - Margaret Newman – Scheme of Health Expanding Consciousness Chapter 17 - Madeleine Leininger’s – Scheme of Culture Heed Diversity and Universality Chapter 18 – Jean Watson’s – Scheme of Civilized Caring Let’s examine who are the presenting theorist for this week. Who is Margaret Newman? What is her Scheme of Health Expanding Consciousness? Website Link: Nursing Theory: HEALTH AS EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS Article Link: Margaret Newman's Scheme of Health as Expanding Intelligence and a Nursing Intervention from a Unitary Perspective Video Link: Margaret Newman Scheme Presentation Who is Madeleine Leininger? What is her Scheme of Culture Heed Diversity and Universality? Website Link: The Transcultural Nursing Society Article Link: Mapping the reading of transcultural nursing Video: Madeleine Leininger Interview Part 1 Video: Madeleine Leininger Interview Part 2 Who is Jean Watson? What is her Scheme of Civilized Caring?          Website Link: WATSON'S PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE OF CARING Evolution of Jean Watson’s Carative Factors/Caritas Processes Over Time Article Link: Healthheed interprofessional team members' perspectives on civilized caring: A directed satisfied anatomy study Video: History of Caring Science at The University of Colorado College of Nursing Discussion Question: Our two-part examineion scrutiny for this week is the following: How does the scheme of expanding intelligence engage to our healthheed fellowship today? Our nursing population to agree heed to a various population of resigneds. Please cull either Madeleine Leininger’s or Jean Watson’s scheme and clear-up how their scheme would engage closely to the resigned population or productioning environment that you currently minister or production after a while.